Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Two Tasks

I wake up in the afternoon because today is holiday. as usual, i turn on my laptop, opening winamp, and listen to the Dream Theater's songs. Today's song is entitled " Endless Sacrifice ". yeah, i choose this song because it's related to state of my heart.

today, i need to complete my tasks. First is Web Programming. it must be collected tomorrow. i like this course because i want to be a Web Programmer. i hope i can finish it this evening.

Second is task about Operating System. The task is about a Virtual Machine. We can say it an operating system in an operating system . i like this course too but not as much as Web Programming. i like this course because i wanted to know more about Linux. Open Source is heaven for programmer, we don't need to pay a license for a software.

Two tasks for today......

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